WA Senate: Alex Salmon

Alex Salmon. Vote 1 Socialist Alliance for the Senate.

Alex has been active in the refugee rights and anti-war movements for nearly twenty years. He has a special interest in labour history and covers workers rights and union struggles for Green Left. He works as a legal archivist and lives in Fremantle.

“Wages have stagnated while corporate profits have grown, in fact the billionaires have made a killing out of the pandemic. It’s time to stop the rot. Our policies include an immediate increase in the minimum wage to $25 per hour and the restoration of penalty rates.

“We’re also campaigning for a 30 hour week with no loss in pay. Let’s share the work around and give everyone more time to enjoy life. It’s time workers actually got the benefit of new technology instead of bosses grabbing it all for themselves as increased profits.”

How to vote Alex Salmon

How to vote Alex Salmon, Socialist Alliance for the Senate in Western Australia 2022