Gemma Weedall from Climate Emergency Action Network (CLEAN) and Socialist Alliance shares her insights into the early days of the campaign that won solar thermal for Port Augusta.

Andrew Bolt takes me to task for being “irresponsible” for “propagandising” about the colonial invasion and subsequent massacres of First Nations people.

Socialist Alliance activist Sam Wainwright is recontesting his council position in the City of Fremantle. He talks about the limits of business-led solutions to the city's problems and why Freo's stand on social and environmental issues is something to celebrate.

Geelong Council needs a couple of socialists to really shake things up.

Geelong council candidates Sue Bull and Sarah Hathway demand answers about Geelong's recycling and waste.

Maximise your progressive vote this Saturday. Vote 1, Steve O'Brien for Mayor (Ward 1) and Vote 1 Socialist Alliance.Visit our campaign page for more information.

The NSW government’s decision to strip council of planning powers is another reason to put the Liberals last on polling day on Saturday September 9.

Vote below the line (number 2 boxes minimum); Vote 1, Socialist Alliance (in ASHFIELD - Susan Price; in LEICHHARDT - Blair Vidakovich; in STANMORE - Pip Hinman); Vote 2, 3, 4 for the Greens; Vote 5,6,7 for any progressive independents; then Labor.

Visit our campaign page here.

1. Get onto the streets

The most important thing you can do for marriage equality right now is hit the streets. Add your voice to the thousands of others across the country by marching in one of the upcoming marriage equality rallies. Get a group of your friends together and make homemade signs to bring along.

The pro-market, anti-people policies of all the major parties at the local, state and federal levels has placed shelter — a vital human need — in second place to profits.