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    The twin crises of COVID-19 and climate breakdown expose an Australian government prioritising the interests of billionaires over the lives of people and our planet.

  • Capitalism is destroying the planet and all life as we know it — We need a climate revolution

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  • Pat O'Shane launching her campaign

    Pat O’Shane, a Kuku Yalanji woman from Mossman, is the Socialist Alliance candidate for the Far North Queensland lower house seat of Leichhardt in the federal election.

Kicking out Morrison and electing a minority Labor government dependent on Greens support would open up political opportunities for progressive reform. But to ensure they win, we have to build our balance of power on the streets.

Why it is important to put Socialist Alliance number 1 in this election.

May Day rally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joint statement by the Southeast Asian left for May Day 2022.

Boat turn-backs don’t save lives at sea. The real meaning of this barbaric practice has always been “Fuck off and die somewhere else”

Tucked away at the end of Labor’s Secure Australian Jobs Plan for this election is a promise to abolish the ABCC. Workers will need to hold Labor to account if elected

PLM attacked in Mindanao

Socialist Alliance condemns the violent attack that occurred in the Philippines yesterday, targeting Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) presidential candidate and labour leader Leody de Guzman.

Vote 1 Socialist Alliance in the coming election

The election has been called for May 21. Make the biggest difference you can for people and the planet by supporting the Socialist Alliance campaign.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was less than honest when he told Insiders that the government’s vision of tax reform includes a “simpler tax system, a fairer tax system and lower tax.

There are a whole lot of things that can be done to ease the cost of living pressures on households. It is a complete con to think that all we can possibly hope for is a tiny little one-off bonus.

Beware those who tell you that federal Labor's small target strategy is just a tactic. We can kick Morrison out and reject Labor's narrow vision which agrees with key planks of Coalition's policy.

Young climate activists understand the link between war and climate destruction, and that the most vulnerable are the first, and worst, affected

Russia out of Ukraine. No NATO expansion!

The mass media plays a big role in reinforcing prejudices and limiting capacity for independent thought. It is happy to condemn Russia's war on Ukraine, as we should, but it downplays US and NATO's meddling and provocations.