About Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance stands for socialism — a democratic society run by and for working people, not the greedy, destructive capitalist elite that now rules. We put people and the planet before profit, the millions before the billionaires. We believe that a society based on this principle is entirely realistic, and necessary if humanity and the planet are to survive.

We believe that in order to bring about such a society, we have to replace the institutions that protect and defend this ruling elite (such as parliament, government administration, police and the military) with institutions under the democratic control of ordinary people. In other words we need revolutionary change, brought about with the active participation of the majority of people.

Since 2001, members of Socialist Alliance have been active in campaigns for workers’ rights, for women’s rights, against unconventional gas mining and for environmental protection and justice, for civil liberties, justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, for refugees and against racism, for the rights of gays, lesbians, trans and intersex people, for equal marriage rights, and for international solidarity with the oppressed. Socialist Alliance members are recognised leaders in many of these movements.

Socialist Alliance is made up of people who, like millions of others, are sick of being ruled by the warmongers, racists, union-bashers, and capitalist politicians.

Socialist Alliance is a registered political party and participates in elections. We have three elected local councillors — Sarah Hathway in the City of Greater Geelong (Victoria), Sue Bolton in Merri-bek (Melbourne, Victoria) and Rob Pyne in Cairns (Queensland). Socialist Alliance stands candidates to give a voice to working-class struggle and to meet the need for working-class political representation.

Socialist Alliance representatives use their positions to initiate and support community campaigns, workers’ struggles and social movements, fight reactionary policies and promote the mass campaigns that can defeat the attacks on jobs and living standards. Socialist Alliance candidates who are elected to political office will only take the wage of an average worker.

Under capitalism, young people face special discrimination and political exclusion. Socialist Alliance seeks to involve young people and encourage them to lead the struggle for socialism.

We believe that the majority of people, by acting in their workplaces, on their campuses, in their communities, and on the streets, can develop the power to create a just and environmentally sustainable alternative to profit-driven capitalism.

For more information read our document Towards A Socialist Australia. To get involved, apply to join Socialist Alliance.