NSW Senate: Niko Leka

Niko Leka is an enrolled nurse, who specialises in the mental health of older people. He also has a doctorate in health social science.

Niko helped initiate and is the convenor of the Hunter Asylum Seeker Advocacy, and works closely with the Rural Australians for Refugees.

Niko is a member of the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives Association and, last year, helped organise a strike for better pay and ratios.

Niko is a long-term resident of Newcastle, and is also involved in activist work for real action on the climate as well as opposing wars.

Niko is running for the NSW Senate, with Paula Sanchez and Rachel Evans.

Our policy platform. NSW Senate leaflet.

How to vote Niko Leka

How to vote Niko Leka, Socialist Alliance in the Senate, New South Wales 2022