Election campaigns

Socialist Alliance is a federally registered political party, with state registration in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia and regularly participates in elections. We have three local councillors — Sam Wainwright in Boorloo/Fremantle (Western Australia), Rob Pyne in Cairns (Queensland) and Sue Bolton in Moreland (Melbourne, Victoria).

Socialist Alliance stands candidates to give a voice to working-class struggle and to meet the need for working-class political representation. We believe it is important to participate in election campaigns to win a broader hearing for socialist ideas.

Socialist Alliance representatives who are elected to political office will take no more than the wage of an average worker, and use their positions to initiate and support community campaigns, give a voice to the struggles of workers and the social movements, fight reactionary policies and promote the mass campaigns that can defeat the attacks on jobs and living standards.

Unlike other parties such as the Greens and the ALP, we don’t believe that parliament is the main vehicle for social change. Real and lasting social change only comes through ordinary people organising and being active in their work places, campuses and communities.

Over its life, Socialist Alliance has developed a range of policies, arising out of our campaigning work, and responding to the issues of the day. These policies form the basis of our electoral platforms, and guide our work. Our policies cover issues such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, Agriculture, Coal Seam Gas, Education, Housing, Public Transport, Workers’ and Women’s Rights.

For more information read our program Towards A Socialist Australia and our policy platform. To get involved, apply to join Socialist Alliance.