For community need, not developer greed: 2017 Newcastle local government election campaign

Here's our pledge

We pledge to genuinely talk to the community. Events such as the SuperCars are causing havoc and destruction because the Council did not consult nor listen.

Our campaign

We stand for a more democratic council that empowers the community. Ward 1 residents are sick of being trampled underfoot by developers and corporate interests.

Policy platform

Community need, not developer greed

  • More public scrutiny of development applications. Developers have too much power
  • Promote affordable housing
  • Fund improvements to disability access
  • Redevelop the BHP site into a sustainability precinct with housing, parkland, cycle ways, clean technology jobs & park-&-ride to the city

A council that helps with cost of living

  • No rise in rates or fees above inflation for council services
  • Stop the cost-shifting: Advocate for full state & federal funding of council community services
  • Reject the privatisation & outsourcing of council services

Open, democratic, accountable council

  • Regular ward meetings with residents
  • Accountability: no secret council briefings & meetings

For a healthier environment

  • No T4 terminal. Campaign for covered coal wagons. Put a stop to coal dust
  • Free entry into Mayfield pool
  • Support & extend our community gardens
  • Reopen the Loft youth venue
  • Extend mental health services
  • Better monitoring & transparency around the spread of RAAF base pollution
  • Real time monitoring of air quality around Stockton, Mayfield & Throsby Creek

Public transport now

  • Build the light rail on the existing rail corridor
  • Extend light rail to the suburbs & University
  • Develop safe cycle & pedestrian routes from Warrabrook to the city
  • Reverse the privatisation of the buses & ferries
  • Extend the Stockton ferry run to Carrington & Wickham

Housing is a human right

  • Support rent caps on low income housing
  • Conduct a Council audit of vacant properties, flats & offices
  • Mandate 30% low income housing as part of all major residential developments

Protect Newcastle's identity

  • Keep live music venues
  • Protect low-cost neighbourhoods from gentrification
  • Implement building height restrictions to preserve Newcastle's character
  • More protection for heritage buildings

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