For the Billions not the Billionaires: 2021 Western Australia election campaign

2021 Western Australia Socialist Alliance Candidates

Australia is a wealthy country. We have the resources to guarantee everybody a decent life and to take genuine climate action. We are running in this election to help build a movement for people power not corporate power.

We seek your support as a step towards achieving the profound change that is needed and is possible. Our campaign is a contribution to that process. We need your support.

Socialist Alliance has chosen three activist candidates to take its message to Perth’s southern suburbs in the WA state election on Saturday 13 March 2021.

Policy platform

Black Lives Matter

  • Treaty
  • Real land rights
  • Full implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
  • Independent investigatory Body for Police and Prison Guard Crimes

Housing is a Human Right

  • 30,000 new public housing dwellings in four years
  • Expand public housing stock by buying out defaulting mortgage holders and allowing them to stay as tenants
  • Ban no-fault evictions for private tenants
  • Peg private residential rent increases to CPI
  • Private residential rentals left vacant for more than 12 months to be compulsorily managed by the Housing Authority

Climate Justice Now

  • WA to be net zero emissions within 10 years
  • Require 100% carbon offsets by the gas industry immediately
  • No new gas projects (onshore or offshore), phase out existing gas industry. Ban fracking
  • Metronet for the south west: Murdoch to Fremantle, Cockburn Central to Fremantle

Take Back the Wealth

  • $5/tonne iron ore royalty levy
  • Increase gas royalty payment

Save Freo Port

  • Put freight on rail, eliminate empty running by trucks, incentivise off-peak truck movements and electric trucks
  • Build the Freo Wind Farm
  • No PPP port in Kwinana

We need your financial support!

We don't have any corporate donors, our people powered campaign needs your support.

Direct Debit 
Socialist Alliance WA 
BSB: 633 000 
Account: 159 292 382

How To Vote

Preferential Voting Campaign Video 
Sam Wainwright, Mar 9, 2021

Fremantle Vote for Socialist Alliance 1

South Metropolitan Vote for Socialist Alliance 1

Our candidates are actively involved in our campaigns across important state issues:

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Campaign Video 
Marianne Mackay, Feb 19, 2021

Invasion Day 2021: Sovereignty never ceded; Justice now; No pride in genocide 
Marianne Mackay, Jan 24, 2021

Housing is a Human Right

Housing is a Human Right Campaign Video 
Sam Wainwright and Marianne Mackay, Jan 29, 2021

WA Labor Slashes Public Housing 
Sam Wainwright, Nov 26, 2020

It’s a Climate Emergency

Fighting for ecological and social justice in the fossil fuel heartland (2020 Ecosocialism Conference) 
Dirk Kelly, Oct 24, 2020

Confronting imperialism and building people power in the Global South (2020 Ecosocialism Conference) 
Sam Wainwright, Oct 24, 2020

Take Back the Wealth

Green is Good, Socialist is Better 
Sam Wainwright, Mar 5, 2021

Vote Anti Capitalist Campaign Video 
Dirk Kelly, Mar 11, 2021

Save Freo Port

Save Freo Port Campaign Video 
Sam Wainwright, Mar 6, 2021

Why We Must Fight to Save Freo Port 
Sam Wainwright, Feb 16, 2021