Dirk Kelly - South Metropolitan

Dirk Kelly is a husband, father, activist and software developer. He works against the rising tide of systemic injustice through online and in-person activism.

For a decade Dirk experienced life as a skilled immigrant worker in New York: high rent, unjust labour laws and the unaffordable private healthcare system. He returned to Australia with his wife for the greater support and protection it provides. While the COVID-19 crisis has shown that this is true, it’s also shown us that Australian governments also serve big business and not working people.

As a night-shift remote worker, supporting his family and saving for an uncertain future, Dirk says, “I deeply understand the dreadful feeling of disconnection from both your job as well your family and social life in a society in which we have to take whatever work we can get.”

Dirk added, “Socialist Alliance is the only voice in this election that directly challenges the logic of the capitalist system that always seeks to maximise growth and profits at the expense of people's lives and the environment.”

Dirk explained one of the Socialist Alliance key policies,

“We support an immediate increase in the iron ore levy from 25 cents to $5 per tonne. The National Party was hammered by Labor, Liberal and the mining barons when they proposed it last election, yet it was one of their few policies we actually welcomed. It’s time to take back the wealth and use it to help fund services, infrastructure and environmental repair. For us this is a stepping stone towards bringing the industry under democratic public ownership so as to achieve lasting wealth redistribution.

Dirk added, “The Liberal and Labor Parties' complete disregard for life and land has devastating consequences for indigenous people, refugees, immigrants, the elderly and working families. This is a direct result of a political system captured by wealth. The people must take back their political power and in doing so also take back the wealth they produce with their labour everyday.”