Putting community First: 2017 Geelong City Council election campaign

Policy platform

Rejecting the privatisation & outsourcing of Council services

Rate capping and state/federal cuts have stripped money from council budgets. Geelong Council has considered outsourcing home services, selling council properties and sacking workers. Yet Geelong residents face growing unemployment, wage stagnation and the need for quality services.

We will campaign against privatisation, outsourcing, rate capping, increases in the cost of council services and the overuse of consultants.

For an open, democratic, accountable Council

The trend towards closed council meetings and fewer open public meetings needs to stop. This alienates residents, making council less approachable and accountable. Fortnightly meetings of the elected council must be open to the public, allowing for interested residents to put their case.

If elected, we pledge to hold regular ward or neighbourhood meetings.

Prioritising sustainability & climate change

Geelong's 30 year plan for a Clever & Creative Future must be implemented by prioritising the retention of open, green spaces, emergency heal shelters, maintaining green corridors and campaigns to subsidise renewable energy especially for low income earners.

We will campaign for all council properties to develop 6 star green ratings and demand a full audit of waste practices given recent scandals on stockpiling rather than recycling.

Putting the needs of the community ahead of developer greed

By putting the needs of big business ahead of the community, successive Geelong Councils have town down or sold off valuable assests supposedly to create jobs but where are the big private employers now?

We will campaign for real job creation, improved training and the preservation of heritage. We also pledge that Eastern Gardens will never be carved up for private development.

Increasing concessions on rates for all low income earners

Currently concessions for rates and services only apply to pensioners and veterans. The concessions are also too low to really help those who cannot afford their rates to stay in the family home.

We will campaign for an increase in the concessions on rates and services and broaden concessions to all low income earners.

Making public housing council business

Geelong Council must stop selling off the many properties it owns on inheritst to private interests of developers who only care about making a profit and instead redevelop housing for those in most need.

We will campaign to involve council in a plan to address homelessness, provide affordable rentals and fine landlords who sit on empty properties.

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Our pledge

To work with residents to build sustainable, just, healthy and livable neighbourhoods and to help them make change.

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