Newcastle socialists announce election team

Steve O'Brien, Sam Ashby and Nicole McGregor are Socialist Alliance candidates in the Hunter region.

The Socialist Alliance will be running three Hunter-based candidates in the March 23 NSW state elections.

TAFE worker, sociologist and librarian Steve O’Brien, who has also worked extensively in international development, is standing for the seat of Newcastle.

Dr Sam Ashby, a senior lecturer in Occupational Therapy and Mayfield-based community activist, along with Nicole McGregor, a disability sector worker and anti-coal seam gas campaigner, are part of the Socialist Alliance’s Legislative Council ticket.

O’Brien said: “While socialists are totally opposed to the NSW Coalition government, history also shows us that the Labor Party machine will put its interests before those of our region unless local voices force it to do otherwise.

“The Coalition has shown itself to be an ineffective local advocate and any incoming Labor government should face policy tests around rebuilding TAFE, privatisation, transitioning the local port and regional economy away from coal, public transport, opposing seismic testing for offshore drilling, building and maintaining the inter-urban rail fleet locally and keeping Stockton Centre open and in public hands.

“Socialists stand for empowered communities and pledge to be strong local voices around local and state issues.”

[To help out with the Socialist Alliance campaign in the Hunter region contact Steve O’Brien on 0409  878 485. Click here to see our platform.]