Socialist Alliance candidates named NTEU Higher Education Defenders

Why are we proud to be NTEU Higher Education Defenders?

Because education is a fundamental right, yet the policies of successive governments have been to turn education into a privilege and to shift the cost onto students and their families.

Because at all levels, the public system has been systematically dismantled, while private schools, institutions and colleges enjoy billions in taxpayer subsidies.

Socialist Alliance stands for a reversal of the cuts to the education sector and for free, quality public education at all levels. This requires a massive investment of public funds; expansion of the public sector; and an end to the public funding of private schools, tertiary institutions and training colleges.

For more information, read Socialist Alliance's full policy platform for the 2016 Federal election, and check out our candidates!

For more information on the NTEU's campaign, visit the Defend Our Universities website.

Susan Price

Sharlene Leroy-Dyer