I am a First Nations activist, poet and playwright from the Kunja Clan of the Bidjara Peoples of south-west Queensland. I’ve worked for many years in Aboriginal education and was a founder of the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning. I now work in prisoner rehabilitation and I am a member of the Australian Services Union.

I’ve joined this election campaign to build a people’s movement to free all our communities from the tyranny of the old big parties which have been bought out by the rich and the multinational corporations. Our future is grim if the big corporations and their parties continue to rule the world. Lots of people are beginning to realise this — just look at the Bernie Sanders campaign in the US. People have had enough of corporate greed and the endless war, oppression and environmental destruction this has been inflicted on the world.

We need real change, and we need it real soon.

Our candidates
Australian Senate, New South Wales
Susan Price Susan Price
Australian Senate, New South Wales
Sharlene Leroy-Dyer Sharlene Leroy-Dyer
Australian Senate, New South Wales
Howard Byrnes Howard Byrnes
Australian House of Representatives, NSW, Seat of Sydney
Peter Boyle Peter Boyle
Australian House of Representatives, WA, Seat of Fremantle
Chris Jenkins Chris Jenkins
Australian Senate, Western Australia
Kamala Emanuel Kamala Emanuel
Australian House of Representatives, VIC, Seat of Wills
Zane Alcorn Zane Alcorn
Australian Senate, Western Australia
Seamus Doherty Séamus Doherty
Australian House of Representatives, VIC, Seat of Corio
Sue Bull Sue Bull
Australian Senate, Western Australia
Farida Iqbal Farida Iqbal