Howard Byrnes

Howard Byrnes

I am a crane operator and I have worked in the building industry for three decades. I am a workplace delegate for the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and regularly stand on picket lines outside crane yards, restaurants and building sites. I am a State Councillor and member of the Committee of Management of the NSW branch of the CFMEU — Construction Division where I’m a vocal advocate for socialist politics, as well as talking up refugee rights, environmental awareness and Aboriginal rights.

We desperately need an alternative to Labor and the Liberal-National Coalition. When Labor is in opposition, it poses as the party of the working class but when it is in power, it sells us out. It could have eliminated the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Instead it watered it down into the Fair Work Building and Construction, which limits workers’ rights to organise.

Howard Byrnes
Howard Byrnes

Our candidates

Ken Canning

I am a First Nations activist, poet and playwright from the Kunja Clan of the Bidjara Peoples of south-west Queensland.

Susan Price

I have been an active unionist for more than 20 years and joined my first union as a high school student.

Sharlene Leroy-Dyer

I am a descendant of the Guringai, Gadigal, Wiradjuri and Dharug peoples of NSW. I have a PhD in Management from the University of Newcastle where I am a full-time staff member.

Howard Byrnes

I am a crane operator and I have worked in the building industry for three decades.

Peter Boyle

I have been a socialist activist since the early 1970s, after I radicalised around war, race and class issues after my family migrated to Australia from Malaysia.

Chris Jenkins

I live and work as a nurse in Fremantle. I am actively involved in the campaign against the Perth Freight Link project and anti-racism campaigns.

Kamala Emanuel

Kamala Emanuel is a women’s health doctor and a mother. She is a passionate feminist who campaigns for abortion rights and against violence against women.

Zane Alcorn

I am a construction worker and climate campaigner in the seat of Wills.

Seamus Doherty

Séamus Doherty was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and emigrated to Australia as a plumber in 1974.

Sue Bull

As a health and safety trainer in the construction sector, I have seen enormous numbers of blue-collar and white-collar jobs destroyed in Geelong in the past 10 years.

Farida Iqbal

Farida Iqbal is active in the campaign to save the Safe Schools program. She is an active campaigner for equal marriage rights and has been involved in the Queer movement since 2003.