Susan Price

Society has a duty of care to minimise the physical and psychological suffering of animals and that means ensuring the welfare of animals and protection for animals at risk.

This is a revised draft of the policy based on some feedback, and also adds in a point omitted from the original draft.

At our last national conference, we resolved to establish a policy committee to review our existing policy, to draft new policy and to proposed amendments to existing policy where required. We also resolved to create a 'pocket edition' of our policy and a new policy template.

Because many members will not have taken part in Socialist Alliance election campaigns, the aim of this piece is to give some insight into the thinking about, and execution of, our most recent Socialist Alliance state election campaign in NSW.

The 10th national conference of the Socialist Alliance will be held in Sydney over the long weekend of June 7-9. This gathering will take place at a time of extreme inequality, intensified conflict and ecological crisis on a global scale.

This contribution is based on a discussion paper prepared for the Socialist Alliance National Organisers School in January 2014. It is being circulated in Alliance Voices for members' consideration in the lead up to our forthcoming national conference, around the question of whether the Socialist Alliance should adopt a set of organizational principles at this time, and whether the points below could form the basis of such principles.

Since our National Council meeting adopted the draft Socialist Alliance Perspectives resolutions, a few developments have taken place.

These include discussions to explore the prospects for greater collaboration or unity other left groups, including the Communist Party of Australia and Socialist Alternative, and the election victory of Socialist Alliance candidate in Sue Bolton in the Moreland City Council elections in Victoria. Also an ambiguity in one of them has been identified.

The Ninth National Conference of the Socialist Alliance will be held in Geelong (Victoria), from January 18-20, 2013. It is open to all Socialist Alliance members and invited guests.

This material was produced by the Victorian Right to Strike Committee and inludes model resolutions, posters, right to strike information along with other documentation.

May Day this year takes place in tumultuous conditions: the multiple crises confronting global capitalism are deepening, while mass resistance to its brutal rule grows. Taken all together, the people's uprisings across the Arab world, the mass demonstrations and strikes occurring in Europe, the Occupy actions in the United States and the ongoing efforts of Latin American revolutionaries to construct socialism of the 21st century pose a huge challenge to the capitalist system.

Please convey our strongest solidarity greetings to the Labour Party Pakistan and add our voice to all those demanding the immediate release of Comrade Ammar Ali Jan and the other seven leaders of the LPP currently imprisoned for fighting for the rights of the oppressed masses of Pakistan.

Below is a report by Susan Price given to the January 13, 2012 national executive on the draft Towards a Socialist Australia document. It is reprinted here for comrades' information.

* * *

For several years, we have been intending to publish a book about Socialism, but this has proven to be beyond the capacity of comrades who volunteered to take on this project (such as Dick Nichols), but were already overburdened with important work on behalf of the Socialist Alliance.