NSW needs a radical transformation from corporate rule to people's power

Socialist Alliance will be contesting the NSW State Election in 2019.

Socialist Alliance will contest the NSW State Election, to be held on Saturday March 23, 2019.

The Alliance has preselected Susan Price to stand in the lower house seat of Parramatta. Price lives in Parramatta and has been an active unionist for more than 20 years and is active in refugee rights and anti racist campaigns.

The Alliance's ticket for the Legislative Council is made up of more than 15 activists from across the state and will be announced shortly.

Price said, "We think there needs to be a radical transformation of NSW from a state which is being ruled on behalf of private corporate, developer and mining interests, to one where social needs and protection of the environment is at the centre."

"Traffic congestion, hospital waiting times, a shortage of schools within walking distance and the lack of afforable housing aren't caused because too many people live in western Sydney. It's because for the last three decades NSW governments have been helping out the big corporate interests instead of investing in schools, hospitals, services, public transport and public housing."

"The way to create jobs and raise living standards isn't by funding tollways and more stadiums, or destroying community facilities in one location to build them in another, but by building more public housing, more schools, libraries, community pools and hospitals to meet the need of a growing population."

"We want to massively expand public transport and put people in control of planning decisions."

"The climate crisis is real, but the politicians are talking up new coal mines and fracking. We need socialists in Parliament to stand up to the power of the mining companies and greedy developers and to help build the community resistance."

"We are calling for NSW to make the switch to 100% renewable energy now. This is both achievable and necessary."

"Wages are falling behind the cost of living, yet business profits are soaring. We need strong unions to defend pay and conditions and to organise resistance to rampant corporate greed."

"Farmers have been suffering from the drought and from the effects of policies driven by the interests of agribusiness. We need programs for sustainable farming, real drought assistance programs that include help to farmers to establish cooperatives."

"Women have the right to live free of gender violence and to access abortion as part of a range of reproductive health services, regardless of where they live and without the fear of prosecution."

Socialist Alliance candidates will be campaigning for the restoration and expansion of essential infrastructure and services, including rail transport links to boost rural and regional NSW.

Visit the campaign page here.