Vote 1 Kamala Emanuel - Socialist Alliance for McConnel

Socialist Alliance is running in the Queensland elections to help build an anti-capitalist current in Queensland and national politics.


Kamala Emanuel: candidate for McConnel

Kamala Emanuel is active in the campaign to decriminalise abortion. She has over 20 years experience in feminist, environmental and social justice campaigns.

She is a doctor working in reproductive and sexual healthcare.

What we stand for

1 Stop Adani
2 Move to 100% renewables now.
3 Free, safe, legal, accessible abortion
4 Expand public housing
5 No privatisation: no selloffs.
6 Take sold off assets back into public hands
7 Job creation through public works program in regional, urban and First Nations communities.
8 ‘Australia’ Day: change the date. Recognise First Nations peoples' sovereignty
9 Re-establish a State Government Insurance Office
10 Make Queensland a refugee safe haven.

Why vote socialist?

From rising inequality to the climate change disaster, the capitalist system we live in is incapable of providing a decent life for all. But it is not enough to be against something. You have to stand for a positive alternative.

We support a democratic, feminist, ecological socialism as the only practical alternative to the dog-eat-dog, climate destroying status quo. To some this will seem far fetched but Britain's Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders of the United States have both received positive receptions to their socialist messages.

In Australia, Socialist Alliance elected representatives in local government have already shown the positive results that can be achieved by socialists in office.

We recommend preferences to the Greens and other progressive candidates, then Labor before LNP. Voting in this way helps build support for genuine socialist change but does not damage the chances of other progressive candidates.

How to vote Socialist Alliance in McConnel

We need your #1 vote to make an impact. Number every square in the order of your preference.

Kamala Emanuel Qld 2017

We recommend preferences to the Greens and to Labor before LNP.

In McConnel, we're recommending a vote:
1 Kamala Emanuel (Socialist Alliance)
2 Kirsten Lovejoy (Greens)
3 Grace Grace (ALP)
4 John Dobinson
5 Edward Gilmour
6 Jamie Forster (LNP)

Election launch

Kamala Emanuel Qld 2017 election launch

Launch of Socialist Alliance campaign for McConnel

2pm Saturday 18 November
Emma Miller Place (on Roma St near corner of Turbot & Albert Sts, Brisbane city)

Photo shoot, greetings & rev up.


You can support our campaign financially by:

  • Transferring or depositing into Commonweatlh Bank Account: BSB: 064 128 Acct: 1013 2292
  • Posting a cheque or money order made out to "Socialist Alliance Queensland" to Socialist Alliance, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor Qld 4030
  • Making a credit card donation over the phone. Call Alex 0413 976 638.
  • Paying cash at one of our events or at our office at 102 McDonald Rd Windsor

How you can help

We would love your support in any way you're able to help including:

  • come to our election launch
  • help out with How-to-votes on polling day (Saturday 25 Nov) (morning is most helpful)
  • help out with pre-polling (Mon-Sat at City Hall or the electorate office in Campbell St, Bowen Hills)
  • donate to our campaign
  • help us with letterboxing or door-knocking

Phone Alex on 0413 976 638 or email if you're able to help in any way.


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