Socialist Alliance campaign for the Inner West Council

Socialist Alliance campaign for the Inner West Council

How to vote Socialist Alliance in the Inner West:

Step 1: Vote BELOW the line (you need to number 2 boxes minimum)

Step 2: Vote 1, Socialist Alliance (in ASHFIELD - Susan Price; in Leichhardt - Blair Vidakovich; in Stanmore - Pip Hinman)

Step 3: Vote 2, 3, 4 for the Greens

Step 4: Vote 5,6,7 for progressive independents (In Stanmore - Pauline Lockie & Co; in Leichhardt - John Lozano & Co)

Step 5: Preference Labor.


Latest news and media releases:

August 21 - We can't rely on the market to fix the housing crisis.

August 9 - Councils must do more to address housing crisis

August 9 - Council amalgamations must be reversed say socialist candidates

July 28 - Amalgamation is either good or it isn’t, Gladys.

July 27 - Candidates call on NSW Labor leader Luke Foley to pledge to rip up WestConnex

July 19 - Candidates support anti-WestConnex Lantern Procession


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