Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights

So Tony Abbott is the new prime minister. The Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor governments delivered this outcome with the narrow self-interest of its MPs and mafia-like faction heads and its desperation to prove itself as the best managers for the billionaire class.

Australia is a wealthy nation built on stolen Aboriginal land and resources. But Aboriginal people score lowest in health, education, employment and housing.

The Socialist Alliance supports and campaigns for:
  • Sovereignty, treaty and real land rights
  • Reconciliation and compensation
  • Recognition of rights and the building of awareness
  • Full economic and social equality — close the gap within ten years
  • Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs

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Socialist Alliance says:
  • Restore the permit system in full, under community control, not white manager control;
  • No to 5-year and 99-year leases.