Radical Ideas Conference December 5th-7th

Radical Ideas Conference December 5th-7th

RADICAL IDEAS 2015 is a 3-day conference of discussion, debate and ideas for radical change!

Hosted by Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance

For more info, visit: www.radicalideasconference.com

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In a world that is increasingly devastated by austerity, militarism and a looming ecological crisis, millions of young people are looking around for an alternative to the unjust social structures and policies that reign across the globe. In the face of neo-liberal economic policies and increasingly violent and oppressive governments, new movements are rising to challenge the powers that be.

However, what is not always clear is that there is a viable alternative to the global economic system, and that alternative is worth struggling for.

Radical Ideas is a conference for young people who are looking to build the politics of an alternative. It is a weekend of discussion and debate on how young people can best organise to build a new politics for radically more democratic, equal and just future. It is a conference for socialist, feminist, environmentalist and anti-racist youth to come together and unite around the issues we care about.

The Radical Ideas conference will be held in Geelong, Victoria from Friday 5th December to Sunday 7th December at the Geelong Trades Hall. 127 Myers Street, Geelong, Victoria, 3220.

On Monday the 8th of December Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance members and invited guests will participate in closed sessions to elect a new leadership of Resistance, skill sharing sessions, and other decision making sessions.

Radical Ideas is hosted by Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance, which is the youth wing of the Socialist Alliance.

For the full conference agenda and accommodation information please visit the official conference website. www.radicalideasconference.com | Facebook Event

Conference Agenda


Panel Sessions
Workers, Students and Anti-Raccism
Admin / Breaks
Women + LGBTIA
Intro to Marxism

Friday 5 December

5:30 - 6:30PM

Dinner - - - Back carpark

6:30 - 8:30PM


Down with the Empire
Fighting Imperial Power and Fundamentalism

Guest Speakers
Farooq Tariq Awami Workers Party Pakistan
Dilek Geylik Australia Kurdish Association
Jemma Nott Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance

Lower Hall

Saturday 6 December

Upstairs Council Chambers
Activist Center
CBUS Office
9 - 9:30am
Registration & Breakfast
Main Foyer
9:30 - 10am
Welcome + Housekeeping
Upstairs Council Chambers
10 - 11:30am

Living On The Line
Young People and the Austerity Agenda

How Capitalism Creates Inequality
The Origins of Women's Oppression
11:30 - 11:45am
11:45am - 1:15pm

The Revolution Lives!
The Cuban and Venezuelan Examples

The Contradictions of Capitalism
Revolution at the Intersection
Socialism and Intersectionality
1:15 - 2:15pm
From Palestine
Upstairs Council Chambers

Lunch available - - - Back carpark

2:15 - 3:45pm
Genocide, White Supremacy and the Origins of Australian Racism

Dialectical Materialism
The Philosophy of Science and Nature

Imperialism and Environmental Justice
3:45 - 4pm
4 - 5:30pm
Rebuilding the Radical University
The Transition to Socialism in Australia

Lock The Gate
Community Struggles Against Mining

5:30 - 6:30pm
Dinner - - - Lower Hall
6:30 - 8pm


Decolonisation and Indigenous Struggle

Guest Speakers
Shamikh Badra Palestinian People's Party
Viv Malo First Nations Activist
Aran Mylvaganam Tamil Refugee Council

Lower Hall

Sunday 7 December

Upstairs Council Chambers
Activist Center
CBUS Office
9 - 10am
Registration & Breakfast
Main Foyer
10 - 11:30am

Solidarity Forever
Socialists in the Trade Union Movement

The Campaign Against the East-West Link
Community Versus Corporate Greed

The Origins of LGBTIA Oppression
11:30 - 11:45am
11:45am - 1:15pm
Which Way Forward for Aboriginal Struggle?
Marxism, Anarchism and Liberalism
An Ally's Place in the Struggle for LGBTIA Rights
1:15 - 2:15pm
Lunch - - - Back carpark
2:15 - 3:45pm

No One Is Illegal
The Struggle for Refugee Rights

A Guide to Action

The Gendered Nature of Violence
3:45 - 4pm
4 - 5:30pm

“Ours To Master And Own”
A History of Workers' Power

Resisting Ecocide
Climate Change and Capitalism

How Capitalism Oppresses Sex, Sexuality and Gender Diverse People
5:30 - 5:45pm
5:45 - 7:15pm

Closing night panel

Another World Is Possible
Building A Revolutionary Movement Today

Guest Speakers
Angus McAllen Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance
Gemma Weedall Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance
Heleyni Pratley Fightback New Zealand

Lower Hall

7:15pm onwards


Pizza and drinks available - - - Lower Hall

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Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance is the youth wing of the Socialist Alliance, and comprises all members of the Socialist Alliance aged 26 or younger.

Young people — students, young workers and the unemployed — play a vital role in building movements to make fundamental social change. Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance seeks to engage, educate and involve young people in getting active to change the world.

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