Mobilise against racism and Islamophobia

On 22 November, Reclaim Australia and associated far-right racist groups will be mobilising around Australia to spread hatred, fear, and division. On the 20th November, an active member of the racist outfit United Patriots Front, a split off from Reclaim Australia, was found in possession of weapons, mercury and a bomb-making manual, days before his planned attendance to an anti-mosque rally in Victoria. Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance (RYSA) condemns Reclaim Australia, the United Patriots Front, and all associated groups. RYSA reaffirms our position of nonviolent, peaceful protest against racism and intolerance in Australia. We are committed to building a broad, grassroots community movement against bigotry and in support of multicultural freedom. National Co-Convener of Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance Mia Sanders said "I’m going to the Sydney anti-racism rally because the far right is using the recent Paris attacks to whip up more Islamophobia. Reclaim Australia is a tiny fringe organisation, but they draw support from the politics of the major parties which use racism to demonise refugees and people of Middle Eastern background. " RYSA is especially concerned about recent reports that people associated with Reclaim Australia and the UPF have been arrested for possessions of weapons and bomb-making equipment. We believe there is no reasonable place for violence and threatening behaviour in public or private life. “This rally is a peaceful protest to make it loud and clear that the majority of Australian’s completely reject Reclaim Australia’s racist politics of fear, and we completely oppose the federal government’s cruel policies demonising the same refugees who they create." Sanders said. Media reporting and mainstream political discourse has been equivocal about violence at previous Reclaim Australia rallies, representing both the anti-racist and racist groups as being equally violent. Resistance believes that this is fundamentally dishonest in light of UPF and Reclaim Australia associated racists being arrested, issuing threats of violence, and acting in a threatening way. Anti-racist community groups have demonstrated consistently non-violent behaviour and we reject being equated to far-right racist groups like Reclaim Australia and the UPF. At earlier anti- racism rallies, community groups rallying against Reclaim Australia have been met with hostile and heavy-handed police responses. “The police should focus more on violent racists and far right extremists, not on peaceful anti-racist protesters.” Sanders said. “If you oppose racism, Islamophobia and bigotry in all forms, then take a stand at your local anti-racism mobilisation on Sunday 22nd November.” Details of November 22 anti-racism counter protests Adelaide 10am, Parliament House, Adelaide. Brisbane 12pm, Emma Miller Place, Brisbane. Canberra 12pm, Parliament House, Canberra. Hobart 1pm, Franklin Square, Hobart. Melbourne 11am, Melton City Council Building, High St Melton. Newcastle & Cessnock 11am, outside Cessnock Performing Arts Centre. Perth 11am, Parliament Place, West Perth. Sydney 12pm, Martin Place (Macquarie St end), Sydney.