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The giant mining corporations make the biggest profits of all industries in Australia. BHP Billiton posted a profit of $14.7 billion last year, while Rio Tinto made a half-year profit of almost $5 billion.

Around the world, over the past 30 years or more, the ruling classes have launched an offensive against working people and the “welfare state,” under the theme of “Neoliberalism.”

At every election since its founding in 2001, the Socialist Alliance has decided preferences on a principled basis, by giving preferences to other parties based on how closely their policies and actions align with its own.

We could redesign our economy to make it climate-friendly very quickly — if there was the political will to put the welfare of people and planet before short-term profit.

Corporate power runs Australia right now. Parliaments are subject to the real power of the business class in the final instance. We urgently need real democracy, based on people power.