Parramatta is not ‘full’, but corporate over-development risks heritage & services

Susan Price, Socialist Alliance candidate for Parramatta.
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October 4, 2018


Parramatta is not ‘full’, but corporate over-development risks heritage & services

Susan Price, who is running for the seat of Parramatta in the March 2019 election, said the area was at risk from corporate greed, not from too many people.

She was responding to the allegation that Sydney is “full”, and that new migrants should be forced to live in small towns or country areas.

“Parramatta boasts a diverse and cosmopolitan population, and that is one of its strengths.

“New housing and offices need to be built, but that should not happen by riding roughshod over local residents’ concerns.

“Parramatta CBD is an example of overdevelopment for corporate greed.

“People need and want affordable quality housing, and close to their workplaces.

“We are calling for an audit of vacant housing owned by speculators benefitting from negative gearing and to make those residences available to those 60,000 people on the very long public housing wait list.

“While Parramatta is one of the five top local government areas being earmarked for growth over the next five years, the community has lost its only public pool, and its historic gardens and buildings are being starved of funds and left to deteriorate.

“Planning has to put back into the community’s hands. Housing has to be made affordable, and renters need to have their rights protected.

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