Socialist Alliance opposes deepening military cooperation with Britain

The following resolution was adopted by the Socialist Alliance National Executive on December 5 in response to the federal government’s decision in October to participate in the British-led Operation Interflex, a major training operation with Ukrainian armed forces.

Reject war drive on China: For a foreign policy based on justice, human rights and climate action was adopted Socialist Alliance at its September 18 National Council.

* * *

While Socialist Alliance supports the right of the Ukrainian people to resist the Russian invasion and to access military assistance to do so, including military training, it is opposed to Australian personnel participating in the British training program Operation Interflex.

The proposal by the Anthony Albanese government for Australia to participate in this program involves the Australian state deepening military cooperation with Britain, one of its AUKUS partners, precisely at a time when it is also offering Australia up as the spearhead for an aggressive attempt by the world’s largest and most aggressive imperialist bloc to “contain” China.

Rather than entrenching and legitimising military ties with the United States and Britain they need to be severed.