Socialist Alliance speaks out against genocide of the Kurds

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Socialist Alliance representatives have joined international calls for a no-fly zone over northern Syria to prevent Turkey from launching a genocide against the Kurdish majority in the region.

Moreland Councillor Sue Bolton said in a video statement that she was "absolutely disgusted" by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) admission of Sweden and Finland "at the expense of the Kurds".

"Once again the Kurds are being used as a bargaining chip in other countries making deals," she said. "This will be a dangerous deal for the Kurds".

"This will be used to support the Turkish government's plans to invade and seize more territory in the northern parts of Syria.

"The Turkish government has already been using drones and heavy artillery to bombard civilians.

"All those who oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine should equally be condemning the Turkish government's plans to further invade north east Syria," Bolton said.

Socialist Alliance national executive member Alex Bainbridge also spoke out against the "genocidal intentions of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people".

Bainbridge said that Turkey's authoritarian right-wing president Recep Erdoğan has a "long record of attacking the democratic rights of the Kurdish people".

This includes arresting elected mayors, parliamentarians and officials of the opposition People's Democratic Party (HDP) within Turkey. In neighbouring Syria, Turkey is responsible for military attacks on the "Rojava Revolution" in the Kurdish majority areas and implicit support for Islamic State.

"Right now there is a particular danger," Bainbridge said. "Sweden and Finland's entry into NATO has given Turkey a green light to escalate these attacks and there is every indication that is exactly what its government intends to do."

"This is the context for a large number of progressive parties and organisations in the region calling on the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone over northern Syria."

"Since the airspace is currently controlled by the United States and Russia, this call is for the UN to pressure the US and Russia to deny the Turkish military entry into Syrian airspace."

The Rojava Revolution is an "inspiring example of freedom, grassroots democracy and women's liberation", Bainbridge said.

Bainbridge and Bolton both supported the call for the no-fly zone. "People from all over the world should support the demand for a no-fly zone to stop the Turkish government from firing on civilians from the air," Bolton concluded.