Democratise the media! Democratise big tech!

Democratise the media, democratise big tech
Democratise the media, democratise big tech

The Facebook ban on Australian media sites is a demonstration of the power of the tech giants and a compelling illustration of why they need to be brought under democratic control.

Platforms like Facebook are a fact of life in today's world. They are hardly perfect but it is not an adequate answer to simply turn our backs on them. They need to be democratised. That means brought into public ownership.

Equally, the big media empires are not our friends.

If we want a decent future where the damage of the climate catastrophe is minimised and the rampant inequality is replaced by a decent life for all, there is no alternative than to organise to take power out of the hands of big corporate giants (and their bought and paid for politicians). Instead we need new democratic institutions of grassroots popular power.

In the mean time (and as an important step on that road), today - February 18, Green Left's literal 30th anniversary - would be a really good day to become a Green Left supporter if you're not already.

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