Socialist Alliance updates Climate Emergency Action Plan

Climate emergency action plan

The Socialist Alliance has recently updated our Climate Emergency Action Plan (or Climate Charter) that was first developed in 2010.

The 2010 document was groundbreaking. Long before other parties, Socialist Alliance adopted the policy of 100% renewable energy in a ten year period. We took this position as soon as its viability was demonstrated. We were treating the climate crisis as an issue that needed a society-wide emergency response.

The recent update includes: a stronger emphasis on supporting Aboriginal-led management of fire, land and water resources; references to the increased impacts of the climate crisis already being felt; and other changes.

The Socialist Alliance is committed to forging unity across diverse sectors that agree Australia needs an action plan that combines ecological and social justice measures that challenge the political and economic power of the fossil fuel corporations. This is a contribution towards that.

A PDF of the climate charter can be found here and the text can be found here.

We welcome ideas for improvement as well as practical collaboration in the climate movement.

Ultimately, we urge people who like the approach in our Climate Emergency Action Plan to join us to help make the social transformation we need become possible.