Socialist Alliance unequivocally condemns the US military strike on January 3 that assassinated Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani and deputy commander of the Iraqi government-affiliated forces Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Our condemnation is not an endorsement of the actions or policies of the Iranian or Iraqi regimes or military forces they control.

The Morrison Coalition government must end its silence on US violations of international law, return the HMAS Toowoomba from the Gulf, withdraw the 300 troops from Iraq and end its participation in the US-led naval operations in the Persian Gulf.

Australia’s participation in US-led aggression in the Middle East comes at a time when it is being devastated by unprecedented bushfires and extreme heat, arising from climate change.

We should be abandoning fossil fuels, not joining wars to secure them. We need more resources spent on firefighting and devastated communities, not on wars or fighter planes. The establishment justifies military aggression as providing safety and protecting our ‘way of life’.

But we know what is and what is not threatening us. It is hypocritical for Canberra to use the Iranian regime’s human rights abuses as a pretext for military aggression, when it collaborates with Iran to abuse the human rights of the regime’s opponents.

A large proportion of the refugees held in Australian onshore and offshore detention are refugees from the Iranian regime. Opponents of the Iranian regime have been killed in Australian detention and others have been pressured into returning to Iran.

We send solidarity to Iranians and Iraqis fighting for democracy, call for an end to US bases here and for Australia to leave ANZUS.

Rallies in Australia: Saturday 25 January

Perth: 11 am outside U.S. Consulate (Contact

Adelaide: 1 pm on Parliament Steps (Contact 0404629764)

Melbourne: 1 pm Steps of the State Library (contact Shirley 0417456001)

Sydney: 12 pm Sydney Town Hall (Contact Nick 0420526929)

Brisbane: 11 am King George Square (Contact Annette 0431597256)

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