Melville Times: Candidate calls for justice

Corina Abraham, Socialist Alliance candidate for Willagee. Photo credit: Melville Times.

BILBOOLMIRN Yorga woman and Beeliar Wetlands custodian Corina Abraham will contest the seat of Willagee for the Socialist Alliance.

Ms Abraham has been at the centre of the battle against the Perth Freight Link, last year lodging a Supreme Court challenge, eventually dismissed, against the Aboriginal heritage approval granted to the project.

She has worked in health, community development, child protection and justice and said she was passionate about tackling social injustice.

“I’ve seen both professionally and personally how government policies and approaches have failed our people,” she said.

“I want a proper investigation not only into the high incarceration rates for my people but also the sexual abuse, particularly of young people, in government and non-government institutions.”

“I'm running so our cultural heritage rights get heard and our sacred sites aren't deregistered and destroyed as is happening down at the Beeliar Wetlands.

“I want to make sure we have a good and safe environment for us and our kids to enjoy.”

Ms Abraham said although Socialist Alliance was a small party, it paid special attention to the issues faced by Aboriginal people and their communities.

“They stand up for minorities and campaign against racism and discrimination within the wider community,” she said.