Youth discuss how to make a revolution

A socialist educational conference, “How to make a revolution”, is being held in Brisbane over December 13 to 15. This conference is being organised by Socialist Alliance and Resistance Socialist Youth, and aims to be an event that gives young people the skills and perspectives to radically change the world.

Malaysian activist Soh Sook Hwa from the Socialist Party of Malaysia will be participating in the conference. Hwa is an inspiring organiser, who is involved in many struggles in Malaysia, including against corruption and for democracy.

Streams at the conference reflect areas of current struggle. The student activist stream of workshops will discuss the student fightback against funding cuts to universities around Australia. A feminism stream will analyse women’s oppression and the campaign for women’s rights.

There will also be a series of introductory sessions about Marxist ideas and practice, along with workshops on revolutionary strategy, which will discuss how revolutionary socialists can campaign more effectively.

Other major sessions will focus on climate change and ecosocialism, how to fight racism, and on the G20, imperialism and globalisation.

"How to make a revolution" is a question posed around the world today, from the Arab Spring to Latin America — come and be part of the discussion.

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Streams and sessions

(watch this space for draft program soon!)

Stream: Introductory
  • People and Planet before Profit: An introduction to socialism and the Socialist Alliance
  • The Contradictions of Capital: An introduction to Marxist economics
  • How to Fight Racism
Plenary sessions
  • System Change not Climate Change! The case for ecosocialist revolution
  • Another World is Possible: G20, imperialism and globalisation
Stream: Feminism Today
  • Why are Women and LGBTIQ People Still Oppressed?
  • Why Revolutionaries Should be Feminists and Feminists Should be Revolutionaries: The fight today
  • Women and Revolution: The work of Kollontai and Zetkin
Stream: Student Struggles
  • The Degree Factory: Students and workers in the neoliberal age
  • How to Build a Student Movement to Stop the Cuts
  • Students as Agent for Social Change
Stream: Revolutionary Strategy
  • From the Arab Spring to the Pink Tide: Lessons for revolutionaries
  • Socialists, Elections and the Working Class
  • Liberalism, Ultraleftism, Mass Action: Coordinates for revolutionary practice