Sam Wainwright

Sam Wainwright, Socialist Alliance candidate for South Metropolitan Region
Sam Wainwright

Sam Wainwright is a disability support worker and councillor at the City of Fremantle. Passionate about sustainable transport; he is a founder of the Fremantle Bicycle Users Group and Rethink Perth Freight Link alliance, and active with Fremantle Road to Rail.

Sam also supports the Fremantle Refugee Rights Action Network and has helped organise the annual Refugee Welcome Fiesta. He said, “Refugee bashing has become bi-partisan policy in this country, and while a federal issue, you can be sure One Nation will be trying to deflect people’s anger with the political system and their economic pain into spiteful racist fear-mongering about refugees and Muslims”.

He added, “Labor and Liberal can't stop One Nation because it’s their policies that have created the breeding ground for them in the first place. It’s privatisation, cutbacks to services and tax breaks for the super rich that have aggravated peoples insecurity. They have then distracted people from their policies by whipping up the fear of refugees.”

A former wharfie, Sam slammed the proposal to privatise Fremantle Port, “The port is a monopoly strategic asset making an above average financial return. Selling it off is madness, and gift wrapping it with the destructive Perth Freight Link for the benefit of some private corporation is even worse.”

Sam explained the Socialist Alliance’s commitment to renewable energy, “Runaway global warming threatens the basis of life as we know it, yet we are ruled by people who are making the problem worse. We propose a state-wide ban on fracking and uranium mining. These industries are completely unnecessary and destructive. Instead we need to transition to 100% renewable energy.”