Thank you for supporting Socialist Alliance

Thank you for joining Socialist Alliance and supporting our right to appear on the ballot at the next election. You might want to become a Financial member by paying a yearly membership fee.

Membership types

We have three membership options. No matter which option you choose, you can still take part in our activities and help us in many ways.

Non-financial: A free membership option. You can still be involved in our party activities even if you're not paying a membership fee.

Financial: You can choose to pay a yearly membership fee. Our fees are small, but they help our local branches.

Voting member: To get full membership rights, you must be a Financial member and be accepted by a local branch or relevant body. If you would like to become a Voting member, pay a membership fee and contact us.


You can also help us by making a donation.

People are more important than money, so please feel free to contact a branch or the national office if you want to be actively involved, or if you need further information about Socialist Alliance membership.

Green Left

Socialist Alliance members and supporters are encouraged to become a Green Left supporter.