Young radicals say govt's 'anti-radicalisation' kit is already backfiring

National co-convener of Resistance Mia Sanders said: “This kit is a joke! If anything, it's the Liberal government's extremist agenda we should be worried about. "Even if Malcolm Turnbull was to recall this piece of trash, the damage is already done. What a first gaffe as PM this is! Young people, especially those being radicalised by capitalism are well aware of the hypocritical and Orwellian nature of this failing government. The whole country is laughing at this pathetic anti-activist scheme. “The government's assault on youth, workers, women, oppressed groups and the environment deserves a radical response. "Resistance is part of the radical youth fight-back and are hosting their annual Radical Ideas conference on December 4 - 6 in Sydney, where young radicals will discuss the extremism of capitalism — war, environmental destruction, racism and sexism, and how to fight it. "We welcome all radicals to come along. Book your tickets at and scare the shit out of Malcolm Turnbull and the entire LNP." For media comment, contact Mia Sanders, Resistance Spokesperson (0406 160 496)