Statement of Solidarity with Turkish socialist movement

Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance expresses its solidarity with the Socialist Federation of Youth Associations (SGDF) and the socialist movement in Turkey in the face of the massacre of dozens of young socialist activists in Suruç by ISIS with the collusion of the Turkish government. This bombing, which targeted young revolutionaries seeking to travel to Rojava to help with continuing reconstruction efforts, represents another attack in a continued assault on the Kurdish freedom movement and the Turkish left. We send our solidarity to the SGDF, the Turkish left, and the Kurdish freedom movement and our condolences to the friends, families and comrades of those killed and injured in this time of hardship and struggle. This crime exposes the hypocrisy of the Australian government that uses the threat of ISIS as a pretext for attacking civil liberties while maintaining a close relationship with the Turkish government that once again has shown itself to be the poppet master of ISIS. We therefore also renew our call for the Australian government to condemn the repression of the left by the Erdogan government and the paramilitary far-right, as well as calling on the Australian government to take the PKK and other popular resistance organisations off of its terrorist list. Resistance is not terrorism! Solidarity with the struggle against reaction, fundamentalism and repression!