Statement of Solidarity with Khalid and Socialist Party of Malaysia

Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance calls for the release of Khalid Ismeth, a socialist student activist who has been imprisoned by the Malaysian state since the 7th of October. He is being held under the undemocratic Sedition Act which criminalises dissent and stifles democracy. Khalid has been detained by the Malaysian police since he was arrested for posting a Facebook status critical of the Malaysian state and monarchy. His post on social media was in violation of a series of anti-democratic laws, particularly the Sedition Act which allows for the wholesale repression of dissent in the country, particularly of left-wing organisations like the Socialist Party of Malaysia. Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance stands in solidarity with young people and students around the world who are confronted with anti-democratic laws designed to repress popular protest and dissent. We stand in solidarity with the Socialist Party of Malaysia and with Khalid and join in calling for his immediate release and for the Sedition Act to be scrapped. To follow to the campaign go to Bebad Khalid Ismath on Facebook.