Joint Statement in solidarity with Venezuela

Australia-Venezuela solidarity banner in Caracas.
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We, the undersigned organizations, express our support and solidarity for the people of Venezuela and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, against the ongoing threats of counterrevolution and violent attacks orchestrated by right-wing forces with the backing of the US imperialist power.

The right-wing opposition forces in Venezuela have been aggressively campaigning and stirring up the sentiment to remove President Maduro. The right-wing forces are exploiting the institutional conflict between the Supreme Court of Justice and the opposition-controlled National Assembly to fuel tension, escalate political violence and destabilize the country in order to clear the path for imperialist intervention and enable them to take power again, like what happened in the coup of April 2012, 15 years ago.

The Organization of American States (OAS) has backed the right-wing forces in Venezuela by threatening to invoke the so-called Democratic Charter against Venezuela. Meanwhile, Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, the commander of the United States Southern Command, also warned of response to Venezuela’s “instability”, which signals the pretext for US intervention in Venezuela to aid the right-wing forces. Such a move by imperialist forces in threatening the sovereignty of Venezuela and principles of self-determination is alarming.

The consequences of foreign intervention and right-wing takeover of power through violent means will be devastating for the people of Venezuela, as all the social gains of the Bolivarian revolution for the past 18 years would be destroyed. The right-wing forces which represent the interests of oligarchy will destroy the social missions, return nationalized companies and landed estates to their filthy rich owners, massively cut old age pensions and slash health care and education. The defeat of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela would also mean a setback for progressive forces and have wider implications for the region of Latin America.

Hence, we:

  • Reiterate our support for and solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.
  • Reject any form of foreign intervention which seeks to undermine the independence and sovereignty of Venezuela.
  • Call upon the progressive forces around the world to rally around to support the people of Venezuela in defending the Bolivarian Revolution.

This joint statement is endorsed by the following organizations:

  1. Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)
  2. Network of the Oppressed People (JERIT)
  3. Pertubuhan Pembangunan Sosio Ekonomi Rakyat Golongan Miskin – FREEDOM
  4. Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM)
  5. Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), Philippines
  6. Awami Workers Party (AWP), Pakistan
  7. Sedane Labor Resource Center (LIPS), Indonesia
  8. Indonesian Confederation of United Workers (KPBI), Indonesia
  9. Confederation of Indonesia People Movement (KPRI), Indonesia
  10. Popular Student Federation (FMK), Indonesia
  11. Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC)
  12. Socialist Alliance, Australia
  13. Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, Australia
  14. Latin America Social Forum, Australia
  15. FMLN Support Committee, Brisbane, Australia
  16. Australia Venezuela Association of ACT Inc.
  17. Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET), Australia
  18. Women Workers Forum, Bekasi, Indonesia
  19. Nasional Union Confederation (KSN), Indonesia
  20. Perempuan Mahardika, Indonesia
  21. Popular Politic, Indonesia
  22. Committee for Asian Women.