Socialist Alliance commits to Palestine solidarity at its 18th National Conference

The Socialist Alliance committed to building the Palestine movement, at its 18th National Conference, held over January 12–14 at Geelong Trades Hall.

The conference opened with a panel on "Palestine, Imperialism and War". It featured Muayad Ali from Free Palestine Melbourne; Dave Ball, deputy branch secretary from the Maritime Union of Australia, Victoria; and Socialist Alliance Merri-bek councillor Sue Bolton.

They stressed the importance of building a Palestine solidarity movement that can force the Anthony Albanese government to end its support for Israel.

Conference delegates supported a resolution that “Socialist Alliance continues to prioritise involvement in and to build support for the Palestine solidarity campaign including through local pro-Palestine groups” and that the party advocate for greater statewide and national coordination between Palestine solidarity organisations to maximise the size of mobilisations around the country.

The international political situation report questioned the legitimacy of liberal democracies in the West that “purport to support the rule of law” when they are legitimising an act of genocide. 

Discussion from delegates emphasised the potential for radicalisation of larger sections of the population from the sustained mobilisations for Palestine around the world.

Labor’s track record in power was a focus of the Australian political situation report. Delegates discussed how to build bigger movements for housing and climate justice in response to Labor’s failures addressing those crises.

Attendees joined Geelong Rainbow and Socialist Alliance councillor Sarah Hathway in celebrating the opening of a rainbow crossing after years of campaigning.

The conference voted to support the Ecosocialism 2024 conference in Boorloo/Perth on the weekend of June 29–30 and committed to national mobilisations in support of the upcoming local government elections in Victoria in October and the Rising Tide blockade in Muloobinba/Newcastle in November.

In addition, delegates voted on changes to strengthen the Socialist Alliance code of conduct.

The conference elected Jacob Andrewartha, Sam Wainwright and Sue Bull as the national co-convenors of Socialist Alliance.

A Marxist Summer School was held after the conference. Socialist Alliance members discussed key concepts of imperialism, war and violence, the Marxist method, the role Labor plays in upholding capitalism in Australia and building a revolutionary party.