Seven ways to help win marriage equality

1. Get onto the streets

The most important thing you can do for marriage equality right now is hit the streets. Add your voice to the thousands of others across the country by marching in one of the upcoming marriage equality rallies. Get a group of your friends together and make homemade signs to bring along.

2. Wear your colours

Grab a “Say yes to equality” T-shirt, badge or sticker at Resistance Books or at the next rally. They make great conversation starters, keep the postal vote at the forefront of people’s minds, and piss off bigots. Win, win, win

3. Say it loud

Post on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr about why you support marriage equality and why you’re going to march in the next marriage equality rally. Share Green Left Weekly articles about marriage equality to educate and inspire your friends and followers.

4. Paint it rainbow

Put the poster in the centre of this issue of Green Left Weekly somewhere people will see it: in your front window, above your desk at work, on your campus, or at a local bus stop. Decorate your mailbox. For added colour in your neighbourhood, chalk the streets with messages about marriage equality and the dates of upcoming rallies.

5. Selfies

Get together with a group of friends, workmates, classmates, or family members and take a photo together with the Say Yes to Equality poster and share it online. Use the Green Left Weekly Facebook profile frame to show your friends you’ll be voting yes.

6. Organise your friends and family

Individually, we can make a small difference some of the time, but together we can change history. The power of the marriage equality campaign has always been in numbers. Reach out to people around you and try to involve them in one of the above activities. We all know and love someone who is affected by the homophobic marriage ban and you may be surprised to find out who else in your life supports marriage equality too! Polls have consistently shown that the majority of Australians support marriage equality.

7. Vote Yes

Ballots will be sent out on September 12. The deadline to return them is November 7, but campaigners are urging voters to return their ballot via the post by October 27. Make sure that the people around you are returning their ballot in time too. Get together with friends to vote and post your ballots back together.