Help Socialist Alliance get onto the WA election ballot

Please support our right to stand Socialist Alliance candidates in the March 2017 state election by filling out this form.

The established political parties get their name on the ballot paper automatically, and many benefit from huge corporate donations. We rely on the support of people like you. We need your help to spread our message. Another world is possible. A world based on social justice, wealth redistribution, community democracy, human dignity and making peace with the planet.

By signing up to Socialist Alliance WA there is no financial or other obligation of membership, but you must be on the electoral roll in WA, and may be contacted by the WA Electoral Commission by phone to confirm your details. Please provide your most reliable day time phone number, and if they leave a message please respond.

A big thank you to those who have already signed. Some of you signed the form in the lead up to the 2012 election. Let us know if we can still count on you or if your address details have changed. You can do this yourself on-line here.

Please encourage friends, family and workmates to sign the form also. If you use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr then sign up to our Thunderclap social media campaign to help spread the word.

If you would like some paper forms to distribute or can help in any other way please contact Di McGinn at or 0419 045 018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to help out?

Yes. If you have filled out either the paper or on-line form you become a member of Socialist Alliance WA.

Do I have to pay money to join?

Membership in “Socialist Alliance WA” is free. We encourage you to also become a financial member of the national organisation “Socialist Alliance” and we accept donations.

Do I have to be on the Electoral roll?

The names we hand over to the Electoral Commission need to be people on the Electoral Roll in WA.

What if the address where I live is different to my address on the Electoral Roll?

Please update your details with the Electoral Commission or give us both addresses.

Will my information be private?

The names and other details of members will be private to the Socialist Alliance WA and the WA Electoral Commission.

Will the Electoral Commission contact me?

The Electoral Commission will contact a random sample of the people on our registration list and ask them to confirm that they are members of Socialist Alliance WA. It is important that if you are contacted that you say “yes”.

Click here to view the Constitution of Socialist Alliance WA.