The defenders of Kobane have given us an imperishable example of humanity, courage and determination.

[Speech at solidarity rally for Kobanê , Melbourne, October 11, 2014 by Dave Holmes from the Socialist Alliance] Kobane’s heroic resistance to the ‘Islamic State’ gangs has won admiration and support around the world. It is now in the 25th day of resistance against overwhelming odds. Every day Kobanê holds out shows the rotten role of NATO member Turkey. The IS has surrounded the town on three sides. Turkey looks after the fourth side and has imposed a total blockade. No food or medicines get in and certainly not ammunition and weapons. Turkey stops people entering Kobanê to join the defence of the town. The Kurdish people in Turkey have risen up for Kobanê pouring into the streets across the southeast and in Istanbul and Ankara. They have been met with tear gas, clubs, bullets and curfews. IS supporters and far­right gangs have attacked them Over 30 people have been killed. The Kobanê resistance has exposed the West’s so­called “war on terror” as a farce. The US won’t seriously bomb the IS gangs. It won’t send weapons to Kobanê. Here Tony Abbott has committed Australia to the US “war on terror”. Australia is part of this vile charade. You can go down to Southern Cross station and see the yellow terror warnings. Our civil liberties are being taken away to fight terrorism. But Australia and the West won’t help the brave people of Kobanê who are fighting and dying to defeat the Islamic State terrorists. The PKK, which is part of the Kobanê resistance, is still on the West’s terror lists, including here in Australia. This is a sick farce. Resistance is not terrorism: lift the ban on the PKK! Australia should massively increase its refugee intake from Syria and Iraq. It should stop trying to deport asylum seekers to Syria and Iraq. Kobanê is writing a heroic chapter in the fight for a better world. Whatever happens, the defenders of Kobanê have given us an imperishable example of humanity, courage and determination. Long live Kobanê! Long live the YP and YPJ! Long live the PKK!