Equal marriage rights: Tell the PM to say: ‘I’ll do it’

“The Gillard government should quit stalling. ALP MPs should vote en bloc for the Greens MP Adam Bandt’s equal marriage rights bill on June 6”, said Peter Boyle, the Socialist Alliance candidate for Sydney. Boyle is a long term campaigner – having radicalised around issues of war, racism and class as a migrant to Australia in the 1970s. “I don’t believe that it is at all fair for the ALP to have a policy that allows its MPs a ‘conscience’ vote. Equal rights – in this case the right to get married – should not be left to the individual 'conscience' of Labor MPs. “While equal marriage rights are denied to a section of Australians, bigotry and discrimination continues – as we hear again from the Christian lobby in response to Kevin Rudd’s conclusions. “While this discrimination continues, and the stigma remains, youth are particularly vulnerable. Australia has one of the highest suicide rates among youth, and social inclusion – or exclusion – is a major factor driving youth depression. “By not agreeing to equal marriage rights, Julia Gillard is pandering to the bigots in her party, and outside of it. This has to be condemned. “Australia should follow New Zealand, France, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada,Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay and end this 19th Century discrimination. A bill to legalise gay marriage in Britain has just passed the lower house and will now go the House of Lords for consideration. “PM Julia Gillard needs to stop stalling and say: ‘I'll do it!’” Peter Boyle will be a speaker at the equal marriage rights rally and march this Saturday, May 25, Sydney Town Hall, 1pm. Facebook event page here For more comments contact Peter Boyle 0401 760 577