Sarah Hathway for Corio Ward


My name is Sarah Hathway and I am the current Socialist Alliance Councillor representing the northern suburbs of Geelong in Windermere Ward. 

I was elected via countback in 2023. In the elections this year, I will be running in the new Corio Ward which encompasses most of the suburb of Corio (excluding Rosewall area), all of Norlane, North Shore, and parts of Lovely Banks, Bell Park and Bell Post Hill.

I live in Corio with my partner and five year-old. I am a social worker in the public health sector, and a community activist.

I and other Socialist Alliance members have been active in a range of campaigns in the north and across Geelong in relation to defending community services, environmental issues, social housing, revitilising community spaces and opposing racism.

Since I was elected to Council last June, I’ve been standing with the community and campaigning to:

  • Improve community infrastructure e.g. parks, community halls/space
  • Build public housing on Council land
  • Make the new Northern Aquatic and Community Hub affordable and accessible for people in the North
  • Stop the Waste Incinerator in Lara

I’m putting my hand up for re-election this year because I live in Corio and strongly believe we should be represented by someone who lives here and is led by the community.

If re-elected I will continue to:

  • Stand againt all cuts to Council services.
  • Work with resdents to revitalise community spaces like Labuan Square in Norlane.
  • Meet with the community to hear what people think is important and how we can move forward together.

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Campaign Events

Corio Ward Election Launch

Saturday 20th July 6pm

Geelong Hockey Association Club Rooms, Johns Street, Stead Park, Corio

Follow the campaign:




Contact Tim Gooden 0402 885 779





We are relying on campaign volunteers to letterbox the whole ward twice with campaign material now and again closer to the elections. We are also out door knocking every weekend. Please sign up to volunteer or contact Tim Gooden directly on 0402 885 779.


Authorised by T Gooden, 127 Myers Street, Geelong, VIC, 3220