Darcy Lemmich

Darcy Lemmich is an aged-care nurse. He is passionate about quality health care and disability services and is a member of the Health Services Union. He believes the growing privatisation and corporate greed within the health sector has been detrimental for the workers' ability to provide the quality care our most vulnerable deserve.

As a young worker Darcy understands that the only employment available to most young people is casual or part-time precarious work. This makes it difficult for people to get by and to pay the rent. Council needs to support measures that will make housing more affordable, such as rent control, no forced evictions, a levy on vacant housing and opening up unused buildings. In these difficult times of social need we need a council with compassion, committed to working with and supporting local community groups to ensure a community safety net for any who may need it.

“Council is becoming like a corporation, it should be for the people.”