Blair Vidakovich - Leichhardt ward

Blair Vidakovich

Blair is a postgraduate student and has been an activist since the age of 16. He is organising with the newly formed Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) and is involved in the campaign to defend penalty rates.

Blair is a 26 year old socialist, activist and philosopher. He hails from Perth, but has since made Leichhardt his home. He is on track to finishing his PhD in Philosophy at Notre Dame at the end of this year. Blair has been involved in socialist activism since age 16.

He suffered poor wages as a young person working in retail under Work Choices. He was worked in warehouses, on foot in the streets, and on army bases as a cleaner.

He was involved in the successful campaign to stop university fee deregulation in 2014.

He is currently involved in organising for the new Retail and Fast Food Worker's Union and in the broader campaign to stop penalty rates from being wound back.

He lives in Leichhardt with his fiancee.

Young people need to organise - after all, we're fighting for our future!