Vivien Miley

The Socialist Alliance condemns the increased US military presence in Australia, announced by PM Julia Gillard and US President Barack Obama during Obama’s visit to Australia in November 2011 as a setback for peace.

The second Climate Change Social Change conference, despite numerous obstacles, was a huge success. This is because of the numbers of people who attended and the fact we managed to pull on a broad, open, inclusive conference that addressed both the Marxist/socialist educational content and also reached out to an extremely wide range of campaigns and groups.

It was a boost — educationally and politically — for everyone who attended. Given where Socialist Alliance is at nationally, the second Climate Change Social Change conference was a massive achievement.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is using the COVID-19 pandemic to push through amendments to security laws that would further erode people’s rights and which are not proportionate to any particular threat.

Australia is shaping up as the battleground for a showdown between corporate media giants, with the federal government keen to appear as if it is taking a stand for media diversity.