Stuart Munckton

In December, in the richest nation on Earth, an event took place that sums up a huge amount about the nature of the world. It was a strike in six prisons in Georgia by the prisoners who withdrew their labour to demand a living wage, as well as other improvements to prison life.

The demand for a living wage is a crucial one, with privatised prisons in the United States running what are essentially mass forced labour camps, in which significant amounts of commodities are produced in conditions of virtual slavery.

Moved: Stuart Munckton, Sydney Central.

The democratically elected government of Bolivian President Evo Morales, that nation’s first ever president to come from the ranks of the impoverished indigenous majority, is leading a process of change that aims to overcome 500 years of indigenous oppression and reverse two decade a brutal neoliberalism that has left Bolivia the poorest country in South America.

“Greece is turning the page,” SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras told an ecstatic crowd on January 25. The radical left party had just come first in historic elections in Greece with 36.3% of the vote.

When the Greek people voted “no” to creditor demands by 61.5%, the ECB tightened the screws even more. It is clear the Troika wants total surrender — to hammer home the message that “there is no alternative”. In reality, the only fair way out of the crisis is to write off the debt that is not just unpayable — as even the IMF admits behind closed doors — but illegitimate.