Socialist Alliance National Council

The third of five documents detailing correspondence and discussion between the Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative on unity.

That this meeting reaffirms Socialist Alliance's willingness to persist with an attempt to negotiate a common political program as a basis for a new united organisation combining Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance.

Minutes of the Socialist Alliance national council meeting.

These amended resolutions were adopted by the Socialist Alliance National Council Meeting on October 6 and 7, 2012 in Sydney. This draft will now be discussed by branches in the lead up to the 9th national conference of the Socialist Alliance, January 2013, where it will be open to further amendment before being voted on.

Sydney, January 15-16, 2011.

Motions on meeting procedure (moved by Lisa Macdonald):

Motion 1: That voting rights at this National Council meeting be extended to all elected members of district and state committees.

Motion 2: That the following members who are not currently members of the National Council be invited to attend the meeting (with voice not vote):

The recent uprising in West Papua was sparked by racist attacks on Papuan students in the Indonesian city of Surabaya. However, the West Papuan people have been struggling for more than 60 years against Indonesian occupation, human rights violations  and for the right of self determination.