Rachel Evans

End the Liberal and Labor bipartisan policy of keeping refugees out of under the guise of attacking “people smuggling” and “border security”. Free all the refugees from detention centres in Australia and from offshore detention centres that the Australian government sub-contracts out. End mandatory detention. End deportations.

The equal marriage rights campaign looks on the cusp of victory. After seven and a half years, the ALP has passed support motions in every state branch, bar one, and it passed a motion in favour at its 2011 National Conference.

Many prominent MPs have come out “personally” in favour of marriage equality. Openly lesbian front-bencher Penny Wong, resisted for six long years, then got the tactical nod from her atheist, defacto living boss PM Julia Gillard, and came out with “personal” support.

This proposal is to change the Socialist Alliance policy statement on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender to include Intersex people.

We live in a society in which attempts to dictate sexual preference and gender identity through promoting the gender stereotypes and homophobic attitudes which underpin the heterosexual nuclear family and by promoting marriage and the nuclear family as the only legitimate model for relationships.

The Ruddock Review has shown that the fight is not over to ensure queer kids and queer teachers are free to come out of the closet, safe from the threat of being expelled or sacked.

Lead Socialist Alliance candidate for the Legislative Council in the NSW election Rachel Evans gave this speech to a Justice Action election forum on February 25.