Pip Hinman

This is a revised draft of the policy based on some feedback, and also adds in a point omitted from the original draft.

Society has a duty of care to minimise the physical and psychological suffering of animals and that means ensuring the welfare of animals and protection for animals at risk.

At our last national conference, we resolved to establish a policy committee to review our existing policy, to draft new policy and to proposed amendments to existing policy where required. We also resolved to create a 'pocket edition' of our policy and a new policy template.

The NSW Senate election campaign with Uncle Ken Canning was one like no other that I've been involved in: we didn't do half the things we ordinarily do in elections and we did a lot of other things we had never done before.

Because many members will not have taken part in Socialist Alliance election campaigns, the aim of this piece is to give some insight into the thinking about, and execution of, our most recent Socialist Alliance state election campaign in NSW.

The 2014 Socialist Alliance national conference made some changes to our policy on sex work and the women’s rights charter. The changes strengthened our support for the full decriminalization of sex work and affirmed our opposition to the “Swedish model”.

Socialist Alliance did not begin its life just as a convergence of small socialist groups. From very early it attracted a number of independent socialists — from various political backgrounds. Because of  this beginning, the Alliance started as a looser type of organisation.

I'm proposing some small, but important, changes to bring our Constitution more into line with our present practice and to make more explicit our Alliance building work.

Below is a foreshadowed motion to keep Towards a Socialist Australia as a “draft”.

The richness of the discussion in Alliance Voices about our work over this last hectic year, and the many thoughtful contributions to the draft resolutions going to conference, should give members some confidence about the projected political perspectives for 2012.

We can be reasonably sure that the political upheaval throughout Middle East and Europe last year will continue to have an impact this year. In addition, the shock waves from the global recession are and will increasingly be felt in this country.

The Socialist Alliance condemns the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the state of Israel and the denial of Palestinian rights by Israel throughout what was historically Palestine.

1. Busy first part of the year

Socialist Alliance has had a very busy first half-year, which has had a big influence on what we’ve been able to achieve in party building terms.