Emma Murphy

I want to submit (below) a redrafted version of the ATSI section, rather than just change bits here and there. I also think it should be closer to the front of the document, maybe where we first start talking about Australia, to put the dispossession, stolen wealth and unpaid labour of Aboriginal people right at the heart of Australian capitalism. 

Since white colonisation began in 1788 the Indigenous population has suffered the trauma of invasion, enslavement, assimilation, genocide, racist exclusion, land theft, the destruction of life, language and culture, and the denial of basic human rights.

The Rudd government’s official apology was an important symbolic step forward but remains a hollow gesture. The scandal of black deaths in custody continues and racism is endemic.

Real self-determination will require radical changes in current approaches that largely fail the First Peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities themselves should be at the forefront of driving these changes.

The shocking abuse suffered by children in Darwin’s Don Dale detention centre revealed by the ABC’s 4 Corners on July 25 has angered wide layers and prompted the nation-wide demand to take immediate action against the perpetrators and ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again in the juvenile detention system.